My brother's going to grab my Inofia mattress!

January 06, 2023

My brother's going to grab my Inofia mattress!

A few weeks ago, at Christmas, my mom gave me an Inofia mattress as a reward for doing well in 2022!

My brother Lee, of course, only got an Inofia pillow.

Because he smashed all the Windows of Uncle Henry's house next door with a damn football, just because he wanted to impress Uncle Henry's daughter May with his bad football skills!

Apparently, when Uncle Henry ran out of the house with his shiny leather shoes and kicked him off, I saw right through his next year of disaster!

But there's one thing I'm care about, I don't understand why Uncle Henry staring at me dangerously as well. I just only let May sleep on my Inofia mattress for one night yesterday.

Is it because my brother and I are related, so called love me, love my dog?

Huh, what an abomination.

Uncle Henry had also decided to order an Inofia mattress, and when May told me about it and invited me to spend the night at her house, I felt an aura of terror behind me.

Well, I thought it's really weird!

Inofia mattress was great but cheap.

However, it seems he was so distressed.

I'm even wondering if he bought one for all his friends and relatives, causing his credit card to Max out?

Well, that was not so much important, I was only a 5 year old boy after all, I had no interst in charity.

While the important thing is, at this moment, I can tell from my brother's sise but foolish eyes, that he's going to grab my Inofia mattress!

Oh god dame it, I hope May paid attention too, it's quite necessary to never give him any chances!