Choose The Best Inofia Hybrid Mattress Style for Your Families


Single Size(90 * 190 CM)

Frimness ≦ Medium Soft

Inofia Pocket Springs Mattress | 7-Zone Support System | 8.7 Inch Depth

"SUPPORTIVE + RELIEVING - Traditional springs are woven together and connected, which used to cause dips or squeaks. Inofia pocketed springs technology individually wraps each spring, so they continue to provide strength and support on their own, giving you a firmer feel.

This separation also divides motion, so you can do jumping jacks on your side and not wake up your partner on the other side. Despite the elaborate design, the pocketed coils can still be folded and shipped right to door.

ZONED SCIENTIFICALLY + ALLEVIATING - Inofia Pocket Springs Mattress has 7-zone spring systems that are scientifically proven to align the spine and directly combat back aches and pains, each reflecting specific pressure points on the body - and evenly distributes your weight while aligning your spine."

Frimness ≧ Medium Firm

Inofia 9 Zoned Supportive Range 25cm Hybrid Innerspring Mattress in a Box,Give Advanced Pressure Point Relief

"Engineered for Restorative Sleep--Inofia HOPE Collection double size hybrid mattress with dynamic specialty foams layered above supportive innerspring for your deepest, most restful sleep yet.

Custom-Made 9 Zoned Innerspring Mattresses - Inofia double mattresses consists of distinct comfort and support zones across memory foam mattress. Instead of a medium firm mattress that might feel perfect under your back but feel a bit too firm under your shoulders, you get a pressure mattress that is perfect for every area of your body from your head to your lower body.

Optimum Softness, Comfort and Greenest sleep--Rolled mattress double has soft quilted cover for extra comfort and breathability to increase your sleep depth, specialty foam-based surface provides hyper soft cloud-like feeling every night."


Double/ Small Double (120 / 135 * 190 CM)

Frimness ≦ Medium Soft

Inofia 25cm SMAX Collection, Sleeping Maximum, Motion Isolated Zero Pressure Hybrid Mattress

"Advanced AIRYUM Memory Foam Advanced AIRYUM memory foam that wraps you up in comfort and a feeling sleeping in the clouds, upgrade breathable memory foam, which has better air circulation than other memory foam. Minimize the pressure on your body, relax your muscles, keep your spine aligned naturally, and provide excellent support for your entire body.

Ultimate Responsive Movement The best combination of support foam and individual pocket springs, support free rollover, sealed and filled, which can respond to every movement of the body, when you move the body, the pocketed spring support every curve of the body to provide a healthy and comfortable support massage.

Premium Knitted Quilted Cover The mattress is made of a 100 percent natural material knit fabric which can absorb moisture, dries quickly, and helps your body breathe, which help a lot for perspiration. Ideal for children and adults. Exquisite modern outlook appearance design, decorate your room with good taste, super good cost performance."

Frimness ≧ Medium Firm

Inofia ELEGANT Double and King Size Mattresses with Memory Foam

"Inofia Grandly Launched Classic vintage style with black& white classic design would never out of date, distinguished from most of mattress in market. It combines with innovative wave memory foam and ultra-soft knitted fabric with airy mesh fabric on side, the medium firm is displayed. It's definitely worth a try.

Extraordinary Pocket Coil Technology--Inofia double bed memory foam mattress Offers good spinal support for everyone, provides greatest durability while delivering pressure relief, motion separation for back support. Unique Zoned Coil Support adapts and supports each unique body greatly. Adapts to anybody for the perfect level of support.

Ultra-soft cover and Airy Mesh on Side-- Our hypoallergenic, anti-mite double mattress memory foam cover is made of fibers which is immediately releases moisture to give you the ideal sleeping climate. It also designed with airy mesh on side for extra breathability and comfort., meaning that during humid nights it shouldn't become damp with sweat."


King / Super King (150 / 180 * 200 CM)

Frimness ≦ Medium Soft

Inofia Mattress Blue Color 23cm Hybrid Pocket Sprung with Breathable Memory Foam | The Snooze Collection

"3D knitted fabric surface allows air to flow through the material, facilitating effective heat dissipation and maintaining dryness and comfort. Multiple memory foam layers regulate temperature according to your body heat, reducing back sweat. 

Combination of individually pocketed springs and memory foam to effectively isolate movement and absorb noise. 

Designed based on ergonomics to adapt to your body shape and sleeping posture, relieving pressure on your body. Additionally, the edge support of the mattress is reinforced to ensure stability when sitting or getting out of bed. 

High-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship, medium-firm mattresses can provide sufficient support and bring you a comfortable sleeping experience."

Frimness ≧ Medium Firm

Inofia 11.4Inch Memory Foam and Sprung Mattress with Advanced Ventilated Mesh Side Cover/The Airflow Collection

"Special 3D Mesh Fabric on Side--Innovative mesh side cover, normally the material of side cover is knitted fabric, however the design principle of The Airflow Collection is to offer super awesome breathability and perspiration absorption so as to regulate mattress temperature, and that’s why we use 3D mesh fabric on side, plus keep cool feel memory foam, it’s a great combination.

Extraordinary Pocket Coil Technology--Offers good spinal support for everyone, provides the greatest durability while delivering pressure relief, reduces motion transfer for undisturbed rest. Unique Zoned Coil Support adapts and supports each unique body greatly. Adapts to anybody for the perfect level of support, gets up without any pain.

Ultra-Soft Quilted Cover--100% Comfortable and Breathable fabric of natural ecological fibers, completely environmentally and friendly. We use a fabric with hypoallergenic and anti-mite treatment which immediately wicks away moisture and heat for a cooler sleep environment."

"Choose The Best Inofia Foam Mattress Style for Your Families"

"Choose The Best Inofia Mattress Topper Style for Your Families"