Hybrid Mattresses

Inofia hybrid mattresses are designed with 11.4 inches and 8.7 inches grade memory foam and innerspring. Including single, double, king size and super king size. The support core is made with individually-wrapped innerspring coils that are built to give each coil more responsiveness, helping the mattress fit your body.

Our hybrid mattresses feature memory foam, latex and built-in spring mattress components to provide a comfortable sleep experience that helps reduce fatigue and produces less noise and less interference.

Most of the market uses sprung or sponge mattresses, while the hybrid mattress combines two materials and combining the advantages of both technologies. The hybrid mattress allows you to enjoy the elasticity of the spring and the comfortable support of the sponge.

Although the price of hybrid mattresses is a bit high, each of our products is far below the price on the market. Our mattresses have won many customers in the market! select Inofia Hybrid Mattress is the best for your home.if you have any about mattress questions please check About us to leave your questions.