Inofia Cooling Single Medium Firm Memory Foam Mattress 20 CM

Lavender -S

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Inofia layer sleep system (lavender infused with memory foam and high-density support foam) infused with a hint of lavender scent, improved breathability, and is known for its natural calming effect. The mattress is made of high-quality materials that work harmoniously.

What Makes Inofia Mattress Different

Inofia single memory foam mattress is an astounding innovation. It utilizes the power of three advanced cushioning materials to produce a dashing blend of memory foam mattress. The layers include: a smooth, hypoallergenic, flexible cover, lavender-infused memory foam, and a high-density foam foundation. The mattress provides support to every grid of your body and addresses aches and discomfort that may have spur from daily activities.

Inofia foam mattress is free of harmful chemicals like polyurethanes, formaldehyde, mercury, and other harmful chemicals. It has earned the CertiPUR-US certification of safety after passing several tests for product toxicity. It is the perfect mattress for individuals with any form of sleep disorder.

Inofia king size foam bed mattress is an advanced technological innovation. It presents a new type of sleeping experience. The unique characteristics of each composite layer are explained below

To Be Your Best

Layer tackles bodily pressure points and helps to put-off disturbances in order to achieve the best of sleeping experience.

The Inofia Single Memory Foam Mattress Is a product of Inofia. All claims made in relation to the product are corroborated. An additional testimony to the validity of our claims is evident in the large number of positive comments our customers have let-out over the years. This product has a five out of five stars rating.

Inofia Single Memory Foam Mattress Comes with loads of wonderful incentives;

Free In-box delivery:

product is delivered in a box free of charge.

10-year guarantee:

Single Memory Foam Mattress is followed with a 10-year limited warranty.

Hitch-free Return:

The product can be returned with full refund implemented if unsatisfactory delivery is ascertained.

100-night trial:

Allow you to use the mattress for 100 nights. A full refund will be made if the mattress is unsatisfactory.