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Mattress Topper

Our mattress topper create a healthier and comfier sleep environment. They’re easy to remove for airing and help to extend the life of your mattress. Choose the material and firmness that work best for you. 

Memory Foam Mattress

The supple memory foam mattress follows the contours of your body closely. The holes inside allow air to circulate, and comfort zones provide pressure relief and support precisely where you need it.

Hybrid Mattress

A firm mattress filled with well-being! Individually wrapped pocket springs, topped with a layer of mini pocket springs support you in comfort. Add to this a layer of memroy foam for thicker firmer comfort.

Why Inofia?

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  • Latex memory foam mattress with pocket sprung.

  • Double density system of memory foam.

  • The three-layer composite non-woven fabric and knitted top layer.

  • Ergonomic support and adaptability.

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  • 8.7 Inch depth (100 night test at No risk) .

  • Breathable fabric mattress with pocket springs.

  • 7-zone spring systems.

  • With high density foam open cell technology.

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  • Memory foam and spring mattress .

  • Motion Isolated zero pressure hybrid mattress.

  • Support and responsive zoned spring.

  • Takes your comfort to new heights with 25cm .

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Launched Elegant Hybrid Collection

It comes with bIack& white classic design. When combined with Innovative Wave Memory Foam and Ultra-soft Knitted Fabric with Airy Mesh Fabric on Side. It's definitely worth a try.


3 Layers All-Foam System

The Memory Foam mattress is designed with cooling gel memory foam provides cradling support,helping to dissipate body heat. Let you fall in love with sleep.

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Excellent quality mattress for the price

I was looking for a new mattress for myself and decided to have a look online. I came across this Inofia which was on offer in the lightning deal and was also available in a small double size. I decide to take a chance and order it. The bed arrived today well packaged with no damages. To give you an idea, I am male, 5ft9, a medium frame, and weigh around 82kg (just over 12.5 stone). I have worked out for many years so I have quite a dense muscular physique.I was worried that this bed was going to be far too soft and would not support my weight as I prefer a slightly firm mattress. I have never owned a hybrid mattress before so it was bit of a gamble. I unpacked the mattress which came vacuum packed. I was careful cutting it open using the tool provided after reading the reviews from other buyers therefore I did not have any accidents :)I left the mattress to unfold and fill out for about 7 hours before I decided to try it out for comfort. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised to find the mattress is actually very comfortable. Firmness wise I would give it a 4 out of 5. It is softer than my current mattress but I still feel very well supported if that makes sense. I counted the number of springs before I put the mattress down and length-wise there is 29 and width-wise there is 18 giving a total of 522 springs for the small double (if I counted correctly).The mattress was fairly heavy (I estimate around 25kg) when packaged but much lighter once unwrapped. I am going to give the mattress another couple of days to fully fill out before I actually sleep on it, but first impressions are very good. Also, the 100 night gaurantee is very handy if I do find it is not suitable. But otherwise I would highly recommend this mattress. Its of very good quality and from lying on it I find it supports me just right for my weight and I do not sink into it. I cannot feel any springs digging into my back either. Hope this helps someone else to make up their mind :)



good mattress

This is a great mattress sturdy andstrong firm to lie on but very Comfortable gives a good night 's sleep wellworth every penny . would definitely ecommend to anyone needing a new mattress .



good quality mattress ,i like

I bought this for my son,mattress which is not too soft nor not too hard.There was no smell at all.My son go to sleep the same day when I received it. He feel very comfortable.this mattress value for money .great for kids.



Super comfortable!   

Super 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟I brought this mattress for my son, and he loves it, it's so comfortable. The only negative is trying to get him out of bed now in the mornings!! I'll be ordering another very shortly for myself.

Dandan Lin


The most comfortable mattress I have ever bought

Shipping is fast, I get the mattress two days after I purchased. The mattress comes with tight wrapped in a box, it is easy to set up just break the seal make it rapidly expand . I love this mattress, it is my first to buy mattress online, it just surprise me that the quality is amazing. I lied on and it was very comfortable. I bought this single mattress for my son as previous one was too hard for him, he absolutely like this mattress. It’s soft but elastic. The firm mattress is superb quality for the price, I would recommend it.



Good night sleep 

I recently bought an Inofia Single Mattress for one of my son who has trouble sleeping. I have tried numerous things to help him sleep. Various pillows and sleep aromas but to no avail. To my great satisfaction the Inofia Single Mattress seems to have done the trick. With its deodorizing anti bacter ...




I have fibromyalgia and suffer backpain and insomnia. since getting this mattress Iv had no pain and my sleep has improved. So much better than the memory foam one I had before, wish I’d purchased this mattress sooner it’s brilliant and a good price. Looking forward to many more better nights sleep

Absolute buy recommendation


It makes me sleep well every night

Really comfy mattress, well made and well sprung with a really soft top layer. It makes me sleep well every night.It is a good layer of memory foam without being too much, perfect to sink into without being hard.We can rest assured to buy.