Inofia Double Size Mattress Topper with 6cm Foam


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Inofia Naturbrown mattresses are specially designed to add extra comfort to the mattress with eco-friendly memory foam. Not only for primary beds, but also for RVs, hotels, university dorms, guest beds or sofas. 6 cm surface depth matches the ideal skin thickness (2~3").

Inofia Super King Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Inofia Mattress Topper is an equally classical alternative to Inofia complete mattresses. Its design helps to add an extra layer of comfort to your old mattress. It also conceals deficiencies like sagging and indentations in your normal mattress giving it the feel of a complete Inofia mattress.

Our mattress topper is durable and wear-resistant. It comes with a customized zipper make. The custom-made zipper is advanced for a smoother zipping and a lasting cover. Four custom-made premium bands are fitted around the four corners of the topper. The bands create a snug fit and make the topper last longer.

Inofia Mattress Topper protects your mattress. Since there is no direct contact with your actual mattress surface; stains, wear, and physical damage is avoided. The mattress topper is inexpensive and provides an avenue to save cost. The material buildups of Inofia mattress topper are

With Inofia, what you see is what you get. Our claims are verified, and proofs of correctness are visible in the positive reviews and testimonies by our numerous customers. We offer a 100-night worry-free trial and a 10-year guarantee on this product. In cases where the mattress topper delivered is not suitable for your mattress, a hitch-free return channel is in place to process a replacement or refund duly.

At Inofia, the satisfaction of our esteemed customers is our topmost concern. Our response to inquiry is timely as we run 24 hours customer service operation. Our crew of customer service personnel will attend to every customer adequately.