Inofia Double Size Mattress Topper with 6cm Foam

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  • Inofia Naturbrown mattresses are specially designed to add extra comfort to the mattress with eco-friendly memory foam. Not only for primary beds, but also for RVs,

  • hotels, university dorms, guest beds or sofas. 6 cm surface depth matches the ideal skin thickness (2~3")

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Inofia Mattress Topper Is an OEKO-TEX certified cover bedding that sits on the surface of your mattress to make up for its deficiencies while offering extra comfort. It comprises four layers of superior quality cushioning materials. The Topper follows a flexible design that is specifically aimed at making regular mattresses more comfortable and supportive.

Each layer of the Inofia Mattress Topper provides a specific function. The collective contribution of the four layers gives rise to the delivery of super relaxation, comfort, and absolute satisfaction. It can be used in Primary beds, RVs, hotels, college dorms, guest bed, or sofas.

From top to bottom, the composite layers of our Mattress Toppers include; a Luxurious Quilted Breathing Surface, A gel-infused Memory Foam, A Biogrey Support Relirfoam, and A Removable Cover with Anti-slip Base. Details on each layer follow;


Breathable cover isremovable 

Save money and stresson mattress

Enhance the comfortof current mattress

100 night home trial

Free shipping

Infused withNaturbrown

Memory Foam

Contouring foam is infused with nontoxicand nature Naturbrown memory foam,which is certified with CertiPUR-US,goodfor you and the environment.Providessupport where you need it most 

The Inofia Difference 

5cm layer of charcoal-infused materials directly underneath the Gelgem Memory Foam. It is embellished with pressure relief capabilities that aim at specific pressure points in the body. This layer aids the mattress topper to coordinate cell activities in the body. Unrestricted circulation and total system purification are among the many benefits of the Biogrey Support Relirfoam.

Delivered in 

Convenient Box

Inofia mattress topper iscompressed,rolled and shippedin a box conveniently to yourdoor for easy setup

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