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How to Choose a Mattress:

Mattress Buying Guide

Luxury motion isolation mattress




Memory foam






Tips on how to buy the best mattress type for your bed and budget.

Hybrid Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress

Tri-fold mattress

spring mattress

Inofia Hybrid Mattress


These combos are mix-and-match versions of the mattress types. For example, pocket-sprung core (so you get the buoyancy) with a foam top layer (so you get the Moulding effect).

Pure Comfort Memory Foam is placed on the bottom of normal memory foam layer. Let you freely return over the night.

Memory Foma Mattress

engineering support

These don’t have much spring, instead Moulding to the shape of your body, which means that you're less likely to disturb your partner when you move at night. 

They keep their shape well and many of the ‘new generation’ ones are delivered to your door rolled and vacuum-packed. On the downside, they can hold body heat, making you feel hot and clammy – particularly if they are very soft.

Tri-Fold Mattresses

perfect alternative

Tri-fold mattress is a perfect alternative to air mattresses and is very versatile. It unfolds and folds with no hassle at all and is ideal for traveling, camping, sleeping out, RVs, or as a spare guest bed.

Foldable mattress offers the perfect balance between comfort and portability with an ideal thickness of 15cm. 

Pocket sprung Mattress


This is the most traditional type of mattress and has a bouncy, springy feel, thanks to the springs which are sewn into individual fabric pockets. These springs – available with different levels of tension – also make the mattress supportive and durable. 

Pocket-sprung mattresses can be filled with all manner of different materials to suit your needs, including wool for comfort and breathability. Unlike latex and memory foam, they don’t mould to your body or warm you at night.

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Five Sizes Available for Your Choice

Single mattress

Standard size:

Length 190cm / 6ft 3in

Width 90cm / 3ft

Shop single mattresses!


90 * 190 cm. Single mattresses are best for young children, teens, or anyone under six feet tall. A Single mattress is the most affordable of the bunch.

Best size for

Single sleepers — children, adults with a smaller space, or for bunk beds"

Small double mattress

Standard size:

Length 190cm / 6ft 3in

Width 120cm / 4ft

Shop small double mattresses!

"Small Double

120 * 190 cm. A small double mattress is suitable for singles or couples looking for compact comfort. Although, those taller than 6 feet should stay away unless they don’t mind your toes hanging off the bed.

Best size for

Single sleepers, couples who like to snuggle, or for a guest room."

Double mattress

Standard size:

Length 190cm / 6ft 3in

Width 135cm / 4ft 6in

Shop double mattresses!


135 * 190 cm. A double bed is one of the best bed sizes for couples who like to cuddle or even people with a few furry friends. This standard mattress size is perfect for a master or guest bedroom. double mattresses are typically similarly priced to small double mattresses, so it’s a great investment if you have the extra space.

Best size for

Couples or adults that want some extra room."

King size mattress

Standard size:

Length 200cm / 6ft 6in

Width 150cm / 5ft

Shop king size mattresses!


150 * 200 cm. For maximized space and comfort fit for a king, these mattresses are great for couples wanting a little extra space. Or parents with a few nightmare-ridden children that crawl into their bed. The drawback? A king mattress can make small spaces feel cramped.

Best size for

Couples who like space or have pets or children that sleep with them."

Super king mattress

Standard size:

Length 200cm / 6ft 6in

Width 180cm / 6ft

Shop super king mattresses!

"Super King

180 * 200 cm. When comparing a king vs. super king, a super king-size mattress is best for taller couples, looking for a coastline of space. Although, stray away from any cross-country moves, as moving a mattress of this size can be difficult. A super king mattress is typically the more expensive option.

Best size for

Couples that want plenty of space for themselves, children or animals."

Align the Spine

Get in the Zone

Whether you’re small or tall, your mattress should support your whole body. To that end, let’s talk about spine alignment and comfort zones. These are key factors to consider when looking for a mattress that provides support.

Spinal alignment is probably the most important aspect when it comes to body support in a mattress. Bad sleeping posture may lead to misalignment, which can cause soreness in the neck, back, and shoulders.

Spinal alignment is probably the most important aspect when it comes to body support in a mattress.

When you align your body properly during sleeping hours, you give your muscular-skeletal system a better chance to rest—whether it’s from hours hunched over a computer screen or spending seasons in the garden.

To avoid sleep-time soreness, body support is a crucial element when choosing a mattress.

A lot goes into making a comfortable mattress fit for all sleeping styles and body types. The good news is that Casper mattress experts succeeded in creating zoned mattresses that ergonomically aligns spines and supports various sleeping positions.

When perusing the options, look for a mattress that has proper zoning requirements for body support.

Shoulders/Upper Back

There should be a soft zone for the shoulders to sink into the mattress.

Waist/Lower Back

This area should be firmer to provide more support for the back and allow it to relax.


The hip zone should have medium-firmness that cradles the hips.

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