Inofia's 7 Greatest Elves (Section 2)

June 15, 2023

Inofia's 7 Greatest Elves (Section 2)

I am a blue elf, and I'm 2 years old, you can call me Coilzzz.

Although I look cowardly, Goddess Inofia said I am brave!

And that's true, we are the elves of dreams, the warriors who fight against the world of evil spirits.

We summon the souls of sleeping humans through Inofia Mattress, I'm here to say:" Come and fight with us! My human friends, how can the world of the living tolerate the ravages of the dead!"

"Look, the evil spirits are coming, say our spell, 'The dead will be submerged in the flood, and those who try to escape the punishment will die by our sword.'"

"Wave it, blue dream cat elf, you are the hot soup of the living, the boiling snow mountain hot spring."

"Raise your proud head, if I die, I will turn into a Inofia mattress and wait for the next warrior to come. May the will of the living be immortal, and the evil spirits will fall into reincarnation forever!"