How dare my brother Lee made such a big trouble in Chinatown!

January 13, 2023

How dare my brother Lee made such a big trouble in Chinatown!

January 21st!

Yes, please note the day on January 21st, it is definitely a horrible time, which engraved in my heart and destined to be unforgettable!

Because on this day, May was kidnapped!

Even though it was my brother who kidnapped her, shouldn't that be much more worrying?

Did you know where they would be at?


Please, the magical Chinese will make the fireworks, and the paired lion dance will guide the buds of love.

The mysterious oriental language will be mixed with the local accent of London on China New Year's Eve, the 5,000-year heritage of a splendid civilization will be lighted up.

Ah, I can image how beautiful it is!

However, the abominable thing is that this beauty doesn't belong to me!

I can't imagine how terrible it will be to give my brother such a happy night.

It doesn't help him grow up; this kind of "pain" should be beared by me.

I need to tell Uncle Henry, after all, his daughter was kidnapped by asshole Lee, he must hurry up and stop them in Chinatown!

But, but ...

Only me... oh, only me, guarding the quiet desert, waiting for the flowers to bloom, woo woo woo.

The only luck is that I have an Inofia mattress to accompany with.

In any case, it is destined to warm more than a billion people tonight, so, good night, my friends.