we dreamed 

a big dream

Everyone's crazy because of dreams, 

everyone dies because of dreams. 

Aaron, CEO of Inofia Inc:" It's hard to express,

but you know no one can stay silent in front of the microphone. So, I have to say that I have failed again and again throughout my life. That’s why I’ve been... well, still failed.”

Man, Vice President of Inofia Inc, Inofia Mattress Brand Expert:
" Aren't we quite successful sometimes? ah yes, microphone here. eeh... we keep failing! And we are shamed of this! You know we met in a cafe, each of us was a failure, oh dame it, how's that possible in a same time and in a same place, we met a same failure?"

Weah, Vice President of Inofia Inc, Inofia Marketing expert:
" Fail? Yes. I failed when I failed to apply for a temporary driver's license; I failed when I failed to pass the driver's license theory test; I failed when I failed to meet a job interview; I failed when it's time to change career, I was slower than others; I failed when leaders ignore my own performance; Up to now, I still failed when our high-quality products backlog of inventory because we have no channel promotion......"

Aaron:" We failed when everyone told us our dream would be failed." 

Man:" However, it was in such a cafe where countless failures converge, dreams were going great by sharing."

Weah:" The wind was coming, and it was time for us to start surfing in industry outlet!"

Aaron:" 2015 passed, 2016 started again, then 2017, 2018, and 2019! Year by Year we spent studying the magic and science of sleep. The more we learn, the more we’re sure, and the brand came out, and the products theory was finally born: With Great Sleep, 

Aaron:" With the birth of the brand

and the expansion of the market business, we are eager for more and more success! Frenzy to receive investment, frenzy to produce products, frenzy hire more staffs, we have once thought everything was going to be better and better."

Man:" Yes, we thought everything would be better, but the facts tell us that these were totally a fault."

Weah:" The direction of our industry has been forced to shift, the content of our products has been gradually diluted, and the quality of our services has gradually been neglected. A dark period has come..."

Aaron:" What the hell did we do before?"
Man:" What the hell shall we do?"
Weah:" Why don't we think about what we can do now?"
Aaron, Man, Weah:" We started to think carefully about this problem."

The emergence of this thought means the beginning of changes. 

The golden wheat waves rolled under the thick dark clouds, and a gust of wind blew, the fallen wheat was gradually fell, while the straight wheat was still straight.

Aaron:" Eventually, we returned to our original intentions, deepened our brand awareness, deployed multiple channels. "
Man:" We restarted the professional R&D, production and sales of high-quality mattresses."

Weah:" Today, Inofia is a much lively brand of mattress on Amazon, Inofia mattresses are popular in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, and Japan. It has been highly supported and recognized by 1,350,000 families precisely as the high standards of quality and service."

Aaron:" Nowadays, Inofia has production bases in the US, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, and Indonesia, owns a professional and experienced R&D and design team. We combine ergonomics and consumers' recommendations to design more than 100 new models with different internal structures and beautiful appearances every year, which are not only beneficial to physical health but also meet consumers' needs to a large extent."


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owned for several months and both the single and double mattresses purchased still fell as they did when new (after the 72hour unpacking rest). Honestly for us, we are unanimous that this is the most comfortable mattress we have slept upon (not just owned).

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I've not seen mention in the reviews the fact that this has a 100 night sleep guarantee! This is exceptional and equals the current market leaders in the bed in a box category. The main difference being this mattress is a third of the price!

  • David Alaba
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My parents bought a double mattress from this company about a year ago and have raved just how comfortable it is. I have personally put off changing my own mattress 

  • Lily
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