What Makes Memory Foam Mattresses Different From Regular Mattresses?

April 15, 2021

What Makes Memory Foam Mattresses Different From Regular Mattresses?

Memory foam’s name itself is justified by its functionality to imprint any pressure you apply on it for a substantial amount of time. The prime attribute of any memory foam is not only its softness and buttery surface but also the way it tends to sink or show pressure. Generally, memory foams  tend to hold on to the mark of any pressure exerted for several seconds, depending on the type

Since the time of inception, the uses of memory foam mattresses and their practical benefits have made them one of the widest used materials in sleep grade mattresses and pillows. Furthermore, memory foam has also been used in sports helmets, cushions and even in pillows nowadays. Memory foam is a polyurethane that works to give a sizeable degree of comfort as it tends to cushion pressure. Memory foam mattresses are considered to be great for people who sleep light as they likely to toss and turn while asleep without causing an unnatural amount of relaxation.

First, let’s discuss the list of advantages of memory foam mattresses.

Movement Restriction - The prime advantage of memory foam mattresses is their strength to restrict movement unconsciously. During sleeping, people tend to wake up because of movement like tossing and turning while asleep. Memory foams usually sink and take the shape of your body, and helps to limit the movement as an outcome.

Weight Distribution - One of the most preferred factors about a softer mattress like memory foam is its weight distribution ability. Because it has an inclination to sink and contour your body parts under pressure and likely to assume the same form that leads to distributing pressure applied evenly. This is particularly useful for slightly overweight people with joint or back problems as it tends to help relieve the pressure by assuming the natural form of your body.

Spinal Alignment -Typically, spines are more prone to form a natural S-shape and the memory foam is incredibly useful when it comes to providing relief in this position as if you sleep on your back or even your side, the numerous points releases to pressure the memory foam downwards and comfortably assume their shape. The memory foam distributes any uneven weight, and react to apply the reverse pressure evenly. This helps in positioning your spine and safeguarding any unnatural shapes or leaving anything unsupported which can lead to chronic pains.

Hypoallergenic - As the gaps and design of memory foam mattresses are too small, there is very little possibility for allergens like mites, dust, or other factors to enter and accumulate. Additionally, this property is typically true for gel memory foams.

Silent & Comfortable - The formation of memory foam mattresses is truly cushioned and cause bare minimum noise like squeaking or anything else and distribute pressure evenly. These mattresses also minimize the sounds coming from your bed (if any).

Not only are memory foams available in various types, but they are also used for numerous purposes as especially used in pillows and mattresses.