What an Enviable Valentine's Day!

February 14, 2023

What an Enviable Valentine's Day!

14th Feb.

Today, I'm dumped...

I'm dumped! I never thought it's my brother, who finally couldn't help it and attack my girlfriend May!

I once thought that in Chinatown during the Spring Festival, that had been the peak time for my brother and Mei to get along.

Unexpectedly, with the arrival of Valentine's Day, their behavior become even worse in my world!

The charm of the Inofia hybrid mattress isn't working for me anymore.

Because the charm bonus of the Inofia folding mattress to my brother has been magnified to an unbelievable point!

Yes, he has actually encouraged Dad to use his pocket money for the half year to buy a Inofia tri-fold mattress.

However, the dame result is I cannot share his half year pocket money anymore as well!


Why should I bear my brother's love costs!

The point is that the girl he pursued is my girlfriend, which is terribly outrageous!

I'm only 5 years old, why should I have to bear the pain that I shouldn't have to bear at this age?

The most important thing is--I can't understand how can a tri-fold mattress make their relationship develop by leaps and bounds?

Could it be because of what my brother said to Mei on this tri-fold mat?
--- "I don't need special meaning for festivals, I love you all the time."

Oh shit, childish!