Turn your room into your natural paradise

March 03, 2022

Turn your room into your natural paradise

Here at Inofia, we want you to be sleeping well and loving your sleep space. We want you to be comfortable, relaxed, and healthy. It’s important to make your bedroom a place where you are free to set aside all your cares and rest.

In order to help you with your mental health, we wanted to share some ideas for turning your room into a shelter for you and your mind. While sleep is important for mental health, the overall comfort and enjoyment of your surroundings also can have a huge impact.

Here are some ways that you can turn your room into your natural paradise:

  • Keep technology out of the bedroom
Scrolling on your phone before bed might seem like a harmless way for you wind down before bed, however, looking at your phone and engaging with screens stimulates your brain and makes it harder for your mind to shut off before lights out. If keeping technology out of your room isn’t possible, you can put your devices on Do Not Disturb so that your sleep will not be disrupted by phone calls and texts throughout the night.

  • Create ambiance with good lighting
Good lighting is key to enjoying the space you’re in. Natural light is a great way to soak up that Vitamin D, boost serotonin, and, ultimately, relax your mind. Overhead lighting can be harsh and disruptive, but having warm bedside lamps, candles, and good natural light are ways that you can make your bedroom more of a personal haven.

  • Invest In quality materials
It’s a good idea to keep your room aesthetically pleasing to you, so that you can feel comfortable enough to completely let go and unwind. Investing in quality art to hang above your headboard or getting a comfortable reading chair to curl up in on a mental health day are all ways to personalize your space while being mindful of your mental health.

The average person will spend approximately 227,760 hours sleeping in their lifetime. It’s important that we are spending all that time with quality sleep materials that we love. From Inofia’s luxurious Soft-Stretch Sheets to the Inofia Mattress, our products are quality investments sure to help you get the good night’s rest that you need.

  • Keep your bedside table clear of clutter
It can be easy to let your bedside table pile up with clutter (maybe even a dirty dish or two). This mess is distracting and can disrupt relaxation. In order to set your mind up for success, it is a good idea to keep the table by your bed functional and clean. If you are needing a day in bed to reset your mind, your bedside table is the perfect place to house essentials such as water, lip balm, and a few books to keep you company on your day of rest.

  • Best Pillow For Restful Sleep
There are many ways you can set your room up to be cozy, fresh, and relaxing. Ultimately, your space should be something you love to be in in order to take the time you need to rest and care for your body and mind. Your mental health is important, which means your bedroom is important, and getting good sleep is a must.