April 24,2022

My parents bought a double mattress from this company about a year ago and have raved just how comfortable it is. I have personally put off changing my own mattress because I have complex needs due to my chronic illness. Too hard and I have problems with my hips and thighs. I get this problem with hotel beds and the bed in my caravan. Too soft and I get problems with my neck and spine. I desperately needed to change my mattress, and so I ordered this one in the single bed size.

It arrives ultra packed in a relatively small but very heavy box. The mattress is rolled up inside and held with very thick plastic packaging. They supply a handy cutting tool which makes it easy to unwrap. Be warned, when the tension is released the mattress will unroll at an alarming speed. Make sure you have enough room and clearance before attempting. It's wise to leave the mattress for a couple of days to allow it to plump up to full thickness.

This mattress is almost 12" in depth compared to the average mattress of around 8-9". Not a problem for me as I always use oversized bedding but may be a problem for others.

I have used the mattress now for a week and have had no problems. It is quite firm but doesn't feel too hard. The layer of memory foam on top of the pocket springs lets the mattress mould to your sleeping position making it feel ultra comfortable. I've probably have had the best weeks sleep for longer than I can remember.

The mattress is a little soft at the edges which may be a problem for some. If you sit on the edge of the bed it folds down at about 45 degrees angle which seems a little weird at first but I have now found it to be a plus as I can get in and out of bed that little bit easier. It's almost as if the mattress is helping you in this process.

Overall, I am annoyed with this mattress as I should have bought it earlier!