Purchase the best king size mattress for good and healthy sleep

March 17, 2021

Purchase the best king size mattress for good and healthy sleep

Purchasing a new mattress is a significant thing and needs extensive research and mutual agreement between you and your spouse. Sleeping positions of you and your spouse, thickness, firmness, material, comfort level, and durability are the chief parameters on which you will judge the product before making the purchase. In this article, we will guide you step by step on how to purchase the best king size mattress for good and healthy sleep.

Step-1 – List the health issues and sleeping patterns of you and your partner: -

Note down your health parameters like he/she may be having issues of back or neck pain, or you both are back sleepers. Like, back pain people need a firm surface for the proper spine and neck alignment, and side sleepers need proper shoulder and ankle support while sleeping. It will be wise to talk to your doctor and listen to his advice.

Step-2 –

Check-out the different types of mattress materials and their health benefits: - Research about various materials going around in the market. Like:-

  • Latex mattress: - Known for their bounce and responsiveness these are opted by the present generation of homemakers. The material of this mattress gives a cooling feeling. It is best for people with joint pains.

  • Memory form mattress: - It adapts to your body shape and sleeping pattern. Its Motion isolation capability won’t let the jerks transfer to your partner if you toss and turn during your sleep. Good for people who want dust-free material that is body contouring and gives full support.

  • Innerspring Coil: - These traditional mattresses give support to overweight people and give proper air circulation because gaps are there between springs.

  • Air mattress: - The advantage of this is that you can pump-in air and inflate the mattress to the desired firmness level, and change it as per your need.

  • Hybrid: - It is an innerspring mattress with a foam or latex layer on top, giving softness and firm comfort at the same time.

Step 3:

What is your sleeping pattern? - Different sleeping patterns need different types of mattresses.

  • Back sleepers – They need a firm support mattress as if it is soft your body will sink in and spine alignment will get disturbed causing back pain. Opt for medium-firm range mattresses like Hybrid ones.

  • Side sleepers: - Proper support to shoulders and ankles is needed for side sleepers. The mattress should adapt to changing positions, and a memory form mattress will work best.

  • Stomach sleepers: - They need mattresses that prevent from the body bowing down causing an arched back back-pain. An innerspring mattress will give you a proper bounce.

Step 4:

Decide your budget – Talk to your partner and decide the limit you can spend. Not always the cheap is of the best quality.

Step 5:

Read the customer reviews of the shortlisted mattresses and pick one: -This is the last step to purchase the best king size mattress for good and healthy sleep. Read the reviews can decide wisely.