Memory Foam Mattress King Size vs Queen Bed: Size and Comparison Guide

June 06, 2022

Memory Foam Mattress King Size vs Queen Bed: Size and Comparison Guide

If not properly explained, the world of mattress sizes may throw your head out of whack. As a result, if you're perplexed about the difference between King and queen-sized mattresses, you've come to the ideal location to get the perfect mattress for your house. 

We've covered everything from determining the proper Queen and king size bed measurements to providing helpful hints on choosing between the two sizes and helpful tips to choose which is best for you.

 First, Look at the comparison chart below. 






60 inches / 152 cm

76 inches / 193 cm


80 inches / 203 cm

80 inches / 203 cm


30 inches / 76 cm

38 inches / 96.5 cm


A queen bed is less expensive than a king bed due to its smaller width size.

King-sized mattresses and bedding are more expensive than their Queen-sized counterparts because of their larger size.


Large master bedrooms

Large master bedrooms


A Queen is 16 inches narrower than a King, but the same length.

Despite being 16 inches wider, the King is still the same length as the Queen.


 King Mattress 

When it became usual to present two twin beds arranged together like one giant bed in stores in the 1940s, the King was introduced. The King first gained popularity as the main bedroom bed in the 1950s. 


Because the bed is the size of two XL twin beds laid side by side, the King size bed is intended to fit two people. 

The additional 16 inches of breadth, compared to the Queen, allows partners to have their own private sleeping space. 

This spacious bedroom is ideal for a family bed, allowing children and dogs to spend quality time together.


The delightfully spacious King bed may be ideal for a couple or family, but the extra width may not work in a smaller space. 

If you're sixteen inches broader than a Queen, you might have to pick between a bigger bed and room for a dresser. 

Queen Mattress 

The Queen is an excellent solution for individuals who want a comfortable main bedroom bed but do not have the space to fit a King bed. 

The Queen size is 16 inches narrower than the King but 6 inches broader than the Full, making it a suitable compromise for people looking for a bed that meets their resting and décor demands. 


The Queen Size bed has the same magnificent length as the King size bed, making it ideal for people who like to stretch out while sleeping. Because the Queen is 16 inches thinner than the King, it may fit in a smaller main bedroom with an adult-sized bed built to match the space.

The Queen-sized mattress is large enough for two people to share the bed and a cat that could slip in for a snuggle. 


The Queen may still be too narrow for a bigger pair to allow the couple to move around without disturbing the mate. However, most of the time this is not a problem.

Which Size is the Most Appropriate for You? 

Both king and queen-sized beds are excellent choices for couples and families. Here are a few things to consider while deciding between the two:

 Sleeping Companion

  • Your height, weight, and sleeping position are all factors to consider
  • Budget
  • Bedroom Size
  • Transportability 

Whenever you plan to buy products for your sleep space like mattresses, sheets can be easy. 

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