Is Memory Foam Mattress Better Than Spring?

July 27, 2022

Is Memory Foam Mattress Better Than Spring?

It might be challenging to navigate the mattress shopping process. With hundreds of beds to pick from across dozen of classifications, it's easy to become overwhelmed. Fortunately, you may quickly focus on one major decision to limit your search: Do you prefer memory foam mattress UK or innerspring mattresses? Take a glance at the information below to learn more about your best choice.

How does memory foam work?

To increase the density and viscosity of polyurethane foam, memory foam mattress UK is created by chemically modifying it. As it moulds to your body and relieves pressure points, memory foam's viscoelastic properties make it possible. Viscoelastic foam, commonly referred to as memory foam, is sensitive to pressure and temperature.

Your body heat and weight cause the memory foam that forms around your body as you lie on it to become softer. Pressure points are relieved by the foam's uniform weight distribution over the sleeping surface. Memory foam mattress UK is an excellent alternative for easing back pain or joint discomfort since every body area receives support as the contouring foam conforms to your shapes. When you sleep on your back or side, memory foam will give natural spinal alignment and improved lumbar support.

What Is a Mattress with Springs?

Since their initial introduction in 1871, spring mattresses—also referred to as innerspring mattresses—have grown in popularity because of their support and bounce. Beds in the past were akin to big pillows filled with down, cotton, hay, wool, or other materials that didn't provide enough support. Spring mattresses changed all that. The support of a mattress is improved by adding a coil layer.

Metal coils or springs, which serve as the "support layer" and are enclosed in foam in spring mattresses, constitute the foundation of the mattress. To construct the "comfort layer," upholstery is placed on top of this layer. The several layers of upholstery make sure that the sleeper won't feel the coils and springs immediately beneath their body, which might be uncomfortable.

Differences Memory foam mattresses versus innerspring mattresses:

Different amounts of support, pressure alleviation and comfort are offered by memory foam mattress UK and innerspring mattresses. Both styles have benefits and cons, so picking one depends mostly on personal choice.

  • Firmness:

Mattresses with inner springs and memory foam may be found in a variety of firmness levels. While memory foam mattresses are a little softer, innerspring mattresses are a little stiffer. As a result, innerspring beds are preferable for people who require a little additional support. Although innerspring mattresses may incorporate many layers of memory or other foam, they are often stiffer than all-foam mattresses.

  • Separating motion:

Regardless of the hardness setting, you select, memory foam beds are excellent for motion isolation. Couples might choose memory foam over innerspring beds since they perform less well in this area.

  • Cooling:

Even after its density,  memory foam mattress UK does not overheat at night. For hot sleepers, the material may is the greatest choice because it absorbs and controls heat. Although other companies employ gel to aid with heat dissipation and maintain the cooling of the bed layers. Coils on innerspring mattresses encourage airflow, therefore they normally don't have this issue.

All things considered, there are several advantages to selecting a memory foam mattress for yourself. You may easily get the top memory foam mattress on the market at INOFIA UK.