International Women's Day

March 08, 2023

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On March 3rd,

3 big things happened in the world this year: war, environmental pollution, and my breakup.

The adults told me that these things aren't important, after all, I'm only five years old and I have plenty of time to experience war, environmental pollution, and, well, more breakups.

It sounds like everywhere outside of my Inofia mattress-equipped home, there are people eating children.

Of course, these things aren't important.

What's important is that I'm in an economic crisis!

Ever since my brother wiped out half a year's worth of my allowance to buy an Inofia tri-fold mattress, I haven't been able to pull out any money from my own pockets to ride on the rocking car.

Every time I see other five-year-old kids riding on my ride, I feel like kicking my brother's butt.

But I can't do that. After all, May likes him, and I don't want to make May unhappy.

Outside the window, it's pitch black. The striking workers' march should still be going on. Although I'm not part of their team, they reside in my heart.

Speaking of which, International Women's Day is also a result of a protest march.

I don't know if they'll raise my allowance after they get a pay raise, but I hope everything will develop in a favorable direction.