Inofia's 7 Greatest Elves (Elf Card Trifold Mattress Form)

June 15, 2023

Inofia's 7 Greatest Elves (Elf Card Trifold Mattress Form)

Name: Coilzzz

Age: 2 Y

Personality: looks cowardly but brave

Appearance: Blue cat who like to wear blue skirts

Superpower: Transform to Inofia Trifold Mattress and Summon Moonlight Sword

Spell: The dead will be submerged in the flood, and those who try to escape the punishment will die by our sword

Trifold Mattress Form

Tri-fold mattress is a perfect alternative to air mattresses and is very versatile. It unfolds and folds with no hassle at all and is ideal for traveling, camping, sleeping out, RVs, or as a spare guest bed.

Size/ Price:
Foldable mattress offers the perfect balance between comfort and portability with an ideal thickness of 15cm.

90*190*15CM £169.99
120*190*15CM £199.99
135*190*15CM £225.99
150*200*15CM £255.99

Folding size

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