Important Tips for Choosing a Full Memory Foam Mattress

April 09, 2021

Important Tips for Choosing a Full Memory Foam Mattress

Most of the memory foam mattress is fabricated from polyurethane material. The manufacturers of foam mattress toppers use such material that offers good firmness and comfort in comparison to the latex material. Furthermore, the use of viscoelastic polyurethane material permits assembling the toppers in distinct density and thickness.

Usually, traditional foam mattress used to retain body heat and make the mattress hot at night especially in places with hotter climates. The modern toppers are specially structured using advanced gel technology as the cool gel memory foam mattress absorb the body heat and dissipate it to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night. A mattress topper adds extra softness to the bed and relieves pressure.

Earlier mattress toppers and pads used to be made of basic foam but with changing times modern toppers are made from innovative materials such as memory foam, gel foam, latex, wool, feathers, and many more to enhance comfort and also give extra body support. Nowadays, memory foam toppers are in a lot of demand as they control motion transfer and provide pressure relief, thereby eliminating body aches and pains.

Tips to select the Perfect Memory Foam  Mattress

Most of the customers are at times confused and find it daunting to find the right memory foam topper for their mattress. The availability of mattress in various materials, sizes, and features adds to the confusion. Here is a list of some important factors to consider while selecting a mattress.


The density of the foam mattress topper is one of the critical factors that determine your sleep comfort. Now, toppers are available in different densities so it is vital to select the density depending on the support you require while sleeping. Also, it becomes pivotal to consider the density of your mattress on which you are going to place the topper. Normally, the higher the density of the topper the better support it provides.


Foam mattress toppers are also in thickness starting from 1 to 8 inches; however, a mattress topper with a thickness of 2 inches or less is mostly preferred to make your existing mattress comfortable and extend its life.


The majority of people use a mattress topper for enhanced support to the back while sleeping. A memory foam topper is the most preferred choice because it provides the finest support to your body along with a soft cushioning effect and also helps to relieves pressure from pain points such as the neck, back, shoulders, etc. during sleeping.

Heat Absorption

Typically, the foam absorbs body heat and makes the mattress hotter through the night as this may cause wrinkles and rashes on the skin, and can also make you feel hot in sleep. Selecting a cool gel memory foam mattress make sure that the body heat is evenly absorbed and dissipated. It maintains the ideal sleeping temperature for a night of undisturbed sleep.


Comfort is of utmost significance for a good night’s sleep. It is essential to select a memory foam mattress topper that offers an increased layer of softness to your mattress.