Follow these tips for a relaxing & comfortable experience with the perfect pillow

December 05, 2020

Follow these tips for a relaxing & comfortable experience with the perfect pillow

A good night's sleep is an amalgamation of many things, the bed, the mattress, the pullover, the noise, lights, and the pillow. There can be various other factors too, but these accompany the sleep mostly. Out of all these factors, the smallest factor in physical size is the pillow, and unlike the size of it, the pillow has a very big impact on our sleep. It is basically where your headrests, and as an individual, each one of us wants a good plush place to place our head onto. A bad pillow can lead to a sore neck and cramps in the body, and no one would like to wake up with such feelings. So, how do we know which the right pillow? Follow these tips for a relaxing & comfortable experience with the perfect pillow

1-    Fill Type:

There are a plethora of options that are available for selection when we go and buy a perfect pillow. No one particular type of pillow fill is the best or is regarded as not good, each one has its pros and cons. The perfect pillow relay depends upon what the person likes for him or her, so here are a few pillows fill types.

DOWN are the pillow types which are very soft and are mostly made by feather fibers of either ducks or goose. These pillows are super soft and are very light. These might be allergic to some people.

SYNTHETIC DOWN and POLYESTER FILL are a synthetic alternative to the hypo-allergic down fibers. The pillows range from medium to soft. The issue though with these types of pillows is that the fill-in them need to be replaced more frequently.

WOOL pillows are great for people who live in a cold place. These pillows are soft and keep maintain the temperature while sleeping.

COTTON fill pillows are the best choice for people who are sensitive to allergies and chemical reactions. These pillows are firm and durable.

2-    Quality of Fill:

Once you have selected the type of pillow fill that suits you, it then comes to the part of deciding the quality of the fill. The more filled heavier pillows are the ones that have a better quality of the fill. Try to buy the pillow with the best quality of fill that fits in your budget, because you will be spending thousands of hours on the same pillow, sleeping, and dreaming.

3-    Cover Fabric:

Always choose a pillow that has a breathable fabric cover on it. These pillow types help in good sleep and also keep your pillow plus and the fabric allows air to pass through it. These fabrics also extend the life of the pillow.

4-    Chemistry:

Although all the pillows that have synthetic fills come through a production process in which all the chemicals in the foam are neutralized and have no effect on a person’s skin. Even though a few people may still be allergic to some specific chemical. So, it is always better to know the chemistry of the pillow.

So, these are the points that one should consider while you choose a pillow for a relaxing experience and a good night's sleep.