Essential things you should know before choosing Memory Foam Mattresses

December 04, 2020

Essential things you should know before choosing Memory Foam Mattresses

A memory foam mattress is a luxury that the new mattresses that are available in the market provide. The memory foam mattress clads you in its softness as soon as you lie on it for a nice sleep. The memory foam mattress is an extra cushioned mattress that supports the parts of the body in the most comfortable ways, be it the back, the arms, the hips or the head a memory foam mattress upgrades your sleeping experience from just an experience to a luxurious, comfortable experience. So, how do we select a memory foam mattress? Here are Essential things you should know before choosing Memory Foam Mattresses:

1-   Sleeping Style:

Every individual has his or her way of sleeping or a sleeping style. People may sleep on their back, their stomach, and many sleep sideways. Each of these sleeping styles has a completely different set of properties that are needed in the mattress to make the experience good. A person who sleeps on his or her back should mostly opt for a medium-firm mattress, a person who sleeps on his or her stomach will find a firmer mattress the better option, while the ones who sleep sideways will find that the best option for them is the mattress which is plusher and comfortable. So, identify your sleeping position, and based on that make sure you take the right decision.

2-   Memory Foam Type:

On the outside, almost all the mattresses look the same and one might not be able to make a difference in the mattress style and type. But on the inside, the mattresses have a very different layer type like:

Traditional Memory Foam supports your body by responding to your body shape and weight

Latex Foam is a very plush foam. Though it is a bit unlike memory foam as it doesn’t take the body shape of the person sleeping.

Gel Memory foam is the same technology as used in the shoe of a sole. This gel allows more air to flow through the mattress, which ultimately keeps the mattress cool.

3-   Foam Density:

Another aspect to consider in a memory foam mattress is the foam density of the mattress. A mattress with a high foam density is most likely to be durable, a mattress with a medium foam density is suitable for people who share beds as it restricts the motion of the people who are sleeping on it. The low-density foam on the other hand is easy to break-in, meaning your body will be adapted very easily by the foam. So, one must know the foam density of the mattress that they are opting for.

4-   Mattress Size:

Mattress size is an aspect that is neglected when we buy a mattress, and even if we consider it people mostly don’t know the exact size of the bed. The issue is that in case the mattress is bigger than the bed, then it will create an illusion for the people on the bed that the bed is bigger than it is, if one shift towards the corner the mattress will bend due to weight and the person might fall from the bed. This can lead to injuries. Similarly, a smaller mattress will keep your bed corners exposed, leading to another area that might make you prone to injuries.

So, here are a few points that one should consider while choosing a memory foam mattress.