Considering the Ultimate Buying Guides for the Best Foam Mattress

July 06, 2022

Considering the Ultimate Buying Guides for the Best Foam Mattress

A comfortable foam mattress can work wonders for your daily routine. You will have a better sleeping posture, sound sleep, no health issues of the back, neck, and knee pain, and will be active throughout the day.  

But with many brands in the market claiming to be the best, you must be wondering how to choose the best foam mattress for your sound sleep. Here, we are about to give you a solid buying guide.

1. Decide on the type of memory foam- Memory foam comes in many types and you should choose one according to its suitability to the climate and your sleeping pattern.
  • Traditional Foam- It is the old type with high density. It aligns perfectly with your body shape and gives good support and relief to your pressure points. But it lacks a cooling effect and is not suitable for hot climates.
  • Gel Foam- The best feature it has is its cooling effect. It pulls the sleeper's body heat and gives him a cool, relaxed feel during the sleep. It even distributes the body weight evenly. 
  • Open Cell Foam- This foam has open cell construction which facilitates air circulation that keeps the sleeper cool. 
  • Latex- It is best suited for sleepers having allergy issues, and it is anti-microbial and hypoallergenic. 
2. Notice your Sleeping Position- Decide on the firmness and thickness of the mattress after this step.
  • Back- A back sleeper like a little firm mattress, not too firm. These sleepers want the mattress to fill in the small of their back and give them proper support. 
  • Stomach- They need a firmer memory foam mattress that doesn't sink their hips and keeps their back aligned. 
  • Side- The shoulders and hips rest on a small area; thus, they experience muscle stress. A softer memory foam mattress will be best for them.
3. The density of the Memory Foam- There are 3 types of foam density-
  • High Density- The foam is the most premium type but does not allow complete motion isolation. So, don't choose it if your partner tosses in asleep.
  • Medium Density- It's also comfortable and good in motion isolation—the most preferred type.
  • Low Density- It easily adjusts to body shape but is not durable. People buy them because it is cheap. 
4. Firmness Level- Sleepers prefer firmness according to their sleeping patterns.
  • Most Firm- Heavyweight people and stomach sleepers prefer it the most as it keeps their hips elevated.  
  • Medium Firm- Back sleepers and average-weight people prefer it. 
  • Least Firm- Lightweight people and back sleepers find it most comfortable. 

5. Thickness- The thick the mattress is, the more durable and costly it will be. The thickest mattress on a scale of 6 to 14 inches is the softest.

6. Measure the bed size- An oversized or small mattress on your bed will hinder your sound sleep. Moreover, a mattress is costly, and you can't afford to go wrong with it. So, measure the dimensions of your bed carefully before buying the mattress. 

7. Decide Your Budget- It is the most important aspect of buying anything. It's always advisable to buy a little over-priced mattress if its quality and comfort are fantastic.

8. Ask for a Sleep Trial- Most brands give 30 days’ trial period as the body requires this time to adjust to the memory foam mattress.

Hopefully, our guide was beneficial for you in making the right mattress choice. Please visit our website for high-quality memory foam mattresses.