Benefits of using organic bedding

August 18, 2021

Benefits of using organic bedding

Cotton shear are grown in huge farms and need a lot of water. Knowing the fact that freshwater resources in some countries are become a exemption, such high water consumption for cotton farming causes an immense danger to the residents of that areas where those farming take place.

Another big issue of properly growing cotton is pesticides. Cotton farms are sprayed with number of toxic chemicals in order to increase the growth and prevent crops from number of diseases. Harmful chemicals, such as herbicides and pesticides aredip into the ground and trickle into the freshwater that goes directly to local people’s homes.Therefore it involves huge risk to their health.

Organic Bedding is Health-Friendly

As formally grown cotton is sprayed with harmful chemicals, it is natural that the products made of such cotton have some major disadvantages:

  • Formally grown cotton has many different supplements, such as pesticides, bleach, dyes that can cause various diseases, skin itchiness, respiratory diseases, and other health issues.
  • Such cotton is not advisor able for allergic people. For some people it can be very dangerous to sleep in them.

On the other hand, organic cotton beds are safe to sleep, for all those people with allergies and other health related issues.

Organic bedding is more Comfortable

  • Organic beds feel more soften to the skin. The way the organic cotton is made, it does not contain any harmful chemicals which make the organic cotton bedsmore natural, soft and comfortable that you can instantly feel and compare from other.
  • Organic cotton bed covers are very comfortable. Simply a life-saver during  summers. Organic cotton sheets keep you cool and keepthe moisture away while you sleep.Natural fibres also separate the temperature and keep you warm when it’s cold outside.
  • Organic cotton bedshas a fine smell, not like synthetic materials or other materials, organic cotton bedding does not have any specific smell. Therefore it contributes to the better sleeping experience.

Organic Bedding is Higher Quality

  • Organic cotton are hand-picked one by one,ordinary cotton is harvested by the machine. This is a big difference as the harvesting machine mix up the seeds and oil of the crop together, and those are later need to be separated using chemicals which reduces their originality. Meanwhile,hand picked crops are already clean.
  • Pesticides and chemicals are used in ordinary cotton production, make the beds less durable and defiant, they are not supportable.
  • Organic beds do not contain any toxic chemicals and are made up of a pure substance, therefore they are stronger and long-lasting.

Organic Bedding is Environment Friendly

  • Organic farms expose less carbon dioxide as compared to conventional cotton farms.
  • Organic cotton farming does not use any harmful chemicals, therefore people who work there, don’t risk their health.
  • Organic farms have low water consumption, and low energy consumption, compared to ordinary cotton farms which saves natural resources.
  • Organic cotton bedding is long-lasting and biodegradable.Therefore, choosing organic cotton products is arenewable approach.