Are you suffering from back pain? Memory Foam Mattress is best choice for you

March 15, 2021

Are you suffering from back pain? Memory Foam Mattress is best choice for you

If constant ache or shooting back pain keeps you awake during the night then you are not alone. Varied health reports indicate can individuals experience back pain at some point in their lives which even leads to the loss of workdays. As you spend 1/3rd of your life in bed therefore a good mattress is essential. The need is to choose a mattress that could prevent/alleviate the back problems.

What causes back pain?

A strained spine is responsible for back pain. For the prevention of aches and pain, the maintenance of a healthy posture even while sleeping is required. The memory foam mattresses have body-conforming and pressure-relieving features that can lead to the right alignment of the spine.


How does Memory foam assist with sleeping?

This foam has a top comfort layer of memory foam and a base layer of poly foam. The comfort layer might contain traditional, gel, plant-based or memory foam with cooling additives. If you are a hot sleeper then you must skip traditional memory foam and choose the plant-based, gel or the ones with cooling additives as these keep the sleepers cool. The right choice of foam is essential for avoiding sleep disruptions. As mentioned that the disruptions could worsen the back pain and so healing while sleeping can be possible with the right comfort layer.


Back pain and memory foam mattress-

The reason why this mattress assists is that it contours closely to the body. These keep the spine in neutral alignment while relieving the pressure points for a comfortable sleep. Choice of the right firmness as per body type and sleeping position is vital for comfort. The foam’s excellent contouring features to suit the natural curvature of the spine.


How sleeping positions affect back pain?

Back sleeping is amongst the best positions and is for those who suffer from back pain. This keeps the spine neutral. However, the sleeping pattern could induce snoring and sleep apnea. If one suffers from breathing issues then side sleeping is recommended. For individuals with back pain, back sleeping is the recommended method. As one sleeps on back then a mid-loft pillow for support the head is required. The pillow could maintain the neutral position of the spine. A medium-firm memory foam mattress is the right choice as the back sleepers get to sleep on comfort layers that conform to relieving the pressure points within the body. The layers beneath can deliver firm support to the spine.

In the end, we can conclude that if you are looking for a new bed that addresses your back pain then you must choose the right mattress. The right mattress needs to be comfortable and must offer firm support to the back while relieving the points of pressure. Choice of right firmness level could be a challenge at times but if guidelines specific to body type and sleeping positions are followed then the right mattress could be chosen.

So choose the right mattress and get a list of benefits as you sleep on your back. You can choose one from us.