6 Important points to keep in mind while choosing Double Memory Foam Mattress

March 20, 2021

6 Important points to keep in mind while choosing Double Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Mattresses are famed for their ability to adapt to any body shape and sleeping position easily. They are good for people with allergies, side sleepers as it gives proper support to shoulders and ankles, and people with neck pain as it gives proper alignment of the neck with back. Here are the top 6 important points to keep in mind while choosing Double Memory Foam Mattress:-

1. Measure the bed for fixing the mattress size: - Size-up the four corners of your bed to judge your requirement. Double memory foam mattresses come in various sizes, which allows for easy pairing with your king-size luxury bed for your queen-size space saver. You’re sure to find your fit.

2. Get to know different types of memory foams: - There are three types of memory foams and you have to choose according to your need.

  • Traditional memory foam: - The oldest version, it reduces pressure on your joints and enhances circulation.

  • Gel memory foam: - It eases the pressure point in the body and relaxes you. The space between gel crystals aid in more air circulation and dispersing heat and keeping you cool while you sleep.

  • Open-cell memory foam: - A memory foam mattress with a better response than traditional memory foam ones. So no sinking-in feeling! Better at dispersing heat, and able to respond to your body temperature to keep you restful during your sleep hours.

3. Choose according to the sleeping pattern: - If you have neck pain just after you get up, or you don’t find yourself properly rested, then most likely the problem lies with your mattress. Chances are that it’s going against your sleeping pattern and it’s time for you to switch it for the right one.

  • Back sleepers: - They need a firm support mattress to avoid pain due to disturbed spinal alignment caused by sinking-in mattresses. Open-cell memory foam will suit them best.

  • Front/stomach sleepers: - To avoid pain caused by an arched back proper response memory foam mattress is needed here. And a Gel memory foam mattress can do the trick.

  • Side sleepers: - These people require proper shoulder and ankle support, so they should opt for a Traditional memory foam mattress for restful sleep.

4. Check the density of the foam: - Let’s see how to check

  • High-density foam- It weighs 8 to 10 pounds per cubic foot. This is the most durable foam density-wise, and due to its firmness, your body can take a little more time to adjust to it perfectly.

  • Medium-density foam – It weighs 5 pounds per cubic foot. It allows for good motion isolation if your partner tosses himself/herself while sleeping.

  • Low-density foam – Your body will adjust to it quickly.

5. Budget-wise: - Do plan your budget beforehand after discussing it with your spouse. Go for black Friday sales for excellent discounts.

6. Add memory foam topper: - The last of these 6 important points to keep in mind while choosing Double Memory Foam Mattress is the use of a mattress topper for that extra comfort.