5 Health Impacts of Pocket Sprung and Memory Foam Mattresses

March 21, 2022

5 Health Impacts of Pocket Sprung and Memory Foam Mattresses

A pocket sprung mattress is a mattress that has springs in fabric pockets. The pocket spring mattress are distinct from a common spring or open coil mattresses because in these mattresses the springs can move independently and respond to your movement and a memory foam mattress has a combined layer of memory foam with springs or support foam.

These two mattresses are good among all other mattresses. Both of these mattresses provide the best comfort and support and offer the best quality in the market.

Pocket Sprung and Memory Foam Mattresses

There are some differences between memory foam and pocket sprung mattresses which are related to health also.

Here we will provide you with the differences between these two mattresses and the ways in which both of them impact your health.

  1. Motion separation

Pocket sprung mattresses use individual springs and thus provide proper support to the sleeper’s body. Each spring of it works separately, which makes such mattresses a great option for motion separation.

And on the other side, memory foam mattresses are made to adapt the weight and shape of the sleeper. This is because these mattresses are made of multiple viscoelastic cells by which they perfectly fit to the body of the sleeper.


  1. Temperature

Even though pocket sprung mattresses include multiple layers of stuffing and spring, they are breathable and provides a smooth flow between the material and the body. This type of mattress can regulate the sleeper’s body temperature by providing proper ventilation between the mattress and the body.

And memory foam mattresses do not regulate the sleeper’s body temperature because they are made of dense cells.

  1. Sleeping postures

Pocket sprung mattress is for people wants a bouncy feel in their mattress. People who want a springy feel in their mattress should go for this mattress. All types of sleeping postures are good for a pocket sprung mattress because they distribute your bodyweight uniformly and provide proper relief to muscles and joints.

On the other hand, memory foam mattresses are for those who want to sleep on a soft surface. The mattress fits to the body’s shape of the sleeper to provide a more custom built sleeping experience.

  1. High-quality materials

Pocket sprung mattresses are made individual springs, which move independently from the others. You must buy a pocket sprung mattress that has at least 1,000 springs in it since a mattress with springs lower than this is of low quality and Memory foam mattresses are manufactured using artificial chemicals and it was first created NASA for astronauts when they began their journey into space.

  1. Durability

Pocket sprung mattresses are less durable. With time the coils start sagging due to multiple years of body pressure. It affects in providing optimal support to the body and memory foam is very durable and, it gets better with years and regular use. It is more flexible in compared to other mattresses.

 You have to select on the basis that what is most important to you and in this way you can make the correct decision related the right mattress for yourself.