2023 will obviously be a different year!

December 12, 2022

2023 will obviously be a different year!

2023 will obviously be a different year!

With Christmas approaching, everything good or bad seems to be coming to an end.

We can see FIFA World Cup nearly passed, new crown epidemic nearly gone, and what else?

10 billions pieces of new life pages are slowly unfolding.

In these whole new lives, I hope you happy, hope you get what you want, hope everything goes well with you.

Most of all, I hope you can better get along well with yourselves, to help attach the goal, I will show you 7 methods which can help.

To illustrate them better, we will use Inofia Story as an example.

  • 1. The Pygmalion Effect

What you wish is what you get! First of all, you need to start by making a New Year's resolution, or a New Year's goal, like, getting an Inofia mattress.

  • 2. Self-reference effect

To Seek yourself a gift!
The closer relationship this gift is to yourself, the more motivated you will be to learn the connotation of this gift, and it will not be easy to forget.
For example, if you are a sleep analyst, then, if you buy an Inofia mattress, you will gain more effective sleep knowledge.

  • 3. Role Effect
Archive 2022, create a new character in 2023, and break through yourself!
For example, someone who owns an Inofia mattress tends to fall into a relaxed artist role, with inspired and creative freedom.

  • 4. Sharpening effect
Your initial thought affects your entire cognitive process of the growth process!
So that keep our mind all the beauty and yearning start from the first sight.
Or you can look for someone or something that you find beautiful and desirable at first glance, such as an Inofia mattress.

  • 5. Reward and punishment effect
Rewards arrive only if you pay, strengthen the concept, stimulate self-esteem and self-motivation!
For example, if you have completed the 22-year goal, get yourself an Inofia mattress; and if you don’t complete it, then give yourself a punishment and delay the reward to 2023.

  • 6. Murphy's Law
Anything with a probability greater than zero can happen,
Therefore, keep a normal mind, so maybe you can look forward to a rebirth after an exit!

  • 7. The herd effect

What everyone wants is the general trend, to be like them, and then lead them!
For example, we have become one of the million UK mattress users of Inofia, and now we will lead them to welcome more users.

Finally, my sincere greetings to you!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year