Double and King size mattress – Which mattress is perfect for you?

December 26, 2020

Double and King size mattress – Which mattress is perfect for you?

Although the simple physical specifications such as cloth, texture, and make are all relevant, there is another one important feature that directs your mattress preference - size and measurements. A mattress of the right size means that you sleep without any thinking about your bed space. To the mattress selection, apply the right size and you get a mattress that always has the greatest support and comfort.

What size you actually need?

We all sleep differently. In compact postures, certain individuals feel comfortable resting, while others favour a more relaxing pose. Depending on personal preference, there are other variables, such as your bedroom size, your bed partner, and your budget that together decide the correct mattress size for you. A mattress too large for a small space or a mattress too tiny for the number of sleepers will end up making an adverse impact on your sleep. Therefore, before stepping out to find the best size mattress for yourself, measure your bed if you have to, check your budget, and know your sleeping habits.

If you share a bed with your partner or need space in your bed for kids or pets, then you must check for a double and King size mattress. You can choose either double or much King size mattresses if you share your bed with a mate. But do you actually know which one is better for you? Let us tell you which mattress is perfect for you.

King-size Mattress

Ordinary King Size mattress is 72-inch x 72-inch in size. King-size mattresses have huge room for couples to stretch out while sleeping, a notch broader than Queen XL. If the parents don't need too much room to sleep, the mattress can even hold an infant. Whereas dimensions of King XL Style Mattress are 72-inch x 78-inch, even less than an Inofia Double mattress. The King XL is the widest available standard-sized mattress that can easily fit parents and an infant, making it an outstanding family option.

Inofia Double-Bed Mattress

The Two Twin Single generates a 75-inch x 78-inch double bed. Inofia double mattress appears to be a close relative of an XL king-size mattress. It is great for couples, families and big rooms. In a space measuring more than 11*11 feet, this mattress will even fit in well. Our double-size mattress gives you extra width to spread as you sleep and helps you to be a bit more relaxed and happy in your bed space. It is also convenient to accommodate kids and pets because of the additional space on the mattress. Double mattresses can be a perfect match for larger spaces and large guest quarters. For tall sleepers, the mattress is also a better match.

Inofia Double mattress makes a 75-inch x 78-inch mattress that is more than both of the sizes of King mattresses, whether it is regular king-size of 72X72 inches or XL king-mattress which measures 72X78 inch. Though the width of the XL king- mattress is the same as Inofia double mattress but our double mattress is (75”), it’s 3” wider than the King-sized mattresses. Now, choice is yours!