David Alaba

April 29,2022

This is a brilliant mattress,bought to help me as i have a medical condition that affects sleep and suffer a lot of pain and fatigue.

I've not seen mention in the reviews the fact that this has a 100 night sleep guarantee! This is exceptional and equals the current market leaders in the bed in a box category. The main difference being this mattress is a third of the price!

It came so much quicker than expected and is packaged well compressed into a box. Once opened you follow the clear to understand instructions and give the mattress time to decompress.

Within a few hours it had expanded to probably about 90% of its true size and come the following morning was ready in all of its hybrid glory!

You can tell this is well made it has that high end look and feel to it.

The beauty of a hybrid mattress is that you get the best of both worlds with none of the cons. It is supportive without having creaky springs, conforms to your body with the memory foam without being a big dense sponge. The latex also means you don't have the overheating effect of a traditional memory foam mattress.

This is also a nice quiet mattress, i have not been woken up by my partner moving about in their sleep like i was with our previous mattress.

So far I've had the best sleep in years and it already has helped e to wake up feeling alot less sore than i have in a long time.

I've been raving about this mattress to anyone who will listen and i am planning on buying one for my sister as a housewarming gift in a few months.

My advice to anyone undecided is to go ahead and buy it,it's literally risk free. If you don't like it you have over 3 months to try it or send it back.