Lily Phi

April 29,2020

Quick update, owned for several months and both the single and double mattresses purchased still fell as they did when new (after the 72hour unpacking rest). 

 Honestly for us, we are unanimous that this is the most comfortable mattress we have slept upon (not just owned).

I spent over a month researching and reviewing mattresses online. Not only from Amazon but also from direct only suppliers. Doing so meant that I was suddenly inundated with pop up adds on my mobile phone, tablet and laptop from the likes of Simba, Eve, Emma, Tempur and Otty.

Many of the highly advertised (afore mentioned) big brand mattress manufactures offer warranties that seem to good to be true. This is because they are, these 5, 10 year warranties are not worth whatever medium they are written on, from what I learned they use the small print to avoid the majority of claims. Often sending round an assessor to inspect the mattress, and again from what my research pulled up, in most cases the assessor reported the mattress to be within tolerance.

As previously mentioned, the information I gained was not just from Amazon reviews, I searched many independent review sites and I even stumbled across dome data regarding the number of claims filed against mattress companies, via small claims court, it was a lot, lot more than I would have guessed.

Becoming quite sceptical, eventually I settled upon two brands, Vesgantti (a brand I came across in a glowing Which report and supported by other review resources) and Inofia. I chose the Inofia even though more expensive than the Vesgantti. Although in truth it was a flip of a coin as it was so close.

The mattress arrived, it was quite heavy and upon opening it was left for three days (72hrs) as recommended on the instructions. To be honest after four to five hours it did not seem to inflate/expand any more but still it is what is in the instructions.

This is sort of a contradiction the mattress feels frim but also so soft and cushioning. The foam layer is sufficient that it is not possible to feel the springs (although as one person pointed out you can feel they springs through the material from the side of the mattress, but unlike this woman, we do not intend to sleep on the mattresses side, it is of no significance to the performance of comfort of the mattress).

For the past two years I had suffered from discomfort and pain in one of my hips. I purchased this for one of our single spare beds to try before spending out of a king size mattress. In the first week the pain in my hip lessened and by the second week it had disappeared. Also, the week before last the warmer weather and sun, I cleaned my wife's and my cars, not just shampoo but a complete wax (including T cutting the side of my wife's car. Usually I would be feeling my back protesting the next morning but not a twinge

We have had the mattress a couple of months now and there is no sag what so ever, it is as per the first day of use and it is so, so comfortable. We have received amd used the Kingsize version, also outstandingly comfortable.

One reviewer did moan about it having no handles. It sort of does but they are sewn up. I am not sure you can unpick and free them. It is a heavy mattress, so it may be an issue for some, so far it has not been for us.on either of the mattresses.