20 Couple’s Sleep Positions and What They Mean (Part 2)

October 09, 2021

20 Couple’s Sleep Positions and What They Mean (Part 2)

  • 9. Stomach Snoozers

Sleeping on your stomach is known to cause back and neck pain. If you’re in a couple and snoozing on your stomach, it might spell trouble for your relationship. Couples who sleep on their stomachs might be experiencing relationship stress and fear. If there is no physical contact, it could signify anxiousness or a lack of sexual trust.

  • 10. Starfish

Does your partner take over the entire bed? If so, they are sleeping in the starfish position, which is when one partner spreads out and takes up the majority of the bed space. Sleeping in this position can signify that the starfish are being selfish in the relationship.

If the starfish sleeper is taller than the other sleeping partner, this indicates that they view themselves as more powerful in the relationship. It could be beneficial for the couple to have a discussion regarding their power dynamics.

  • 11. Leg Hug

The leg hug doesn’t sound as romantic as it actually is. Whether your feet touch now and then or if your legs are intertwined, this tells your partner that you’re passionate and crave a close relationship.

It's a good sign if you're both doing it. However, if only one person enjoys the leg hug, the relationship may become slightly unbalanced. Both persons can sleep on their backs, sides, or fronts with the leg hug, providing them the opportunity to choose what is most comfortable for them. If you and your partner are both doing the leg hug, it’s a sign that you all are on the same page.

  • 12. Tetherball

Like the name implies, this sleep position entails one partner sleeping in a balled up position, while the other sleeps on their back with a hand on their partner's hip. The subtle touch lets your partner know that you’re committed to your relationship and both love and trust your partner.

  • 13. Cliffhanger

The cliffhanger is when both partners are on the opposite side of the bed, apart from each other. While this might seem like a troubled relationship, the cliffhanger can signify that you and your partner both value your independence and your relationship equally. When sleeping in the cliffhanger, if your feet are touching, that’s a sign all is well in your relationship.

  • 14. Front To Front, No Contact

If both you and your partner sleep facing each other and aren't touching, it's possible that there is something lacking in your relationship. This isn’t a bad thing but if you’ve noticed something feels “off” in your relationship, talk to your partner to see if you can see what’s causing this space.

  • 15. Pet In The Middle

Sleeping with your pet is typical these days. In fact, a study found that women, in particular, experience improved sleep quality when sleeping with their dog instead of their partner!

Whether you and your partner want to sleep with your pet is a personal decision and usually is not cause for alarm. Inviting your pet to sleep between you and your partner can provide some space while cementing your bond with your pet. However, your pet is a physical barrier between you and your partner and can point to avoidance.