Inofia Hybrid Single Mattress with Memory Foam and Innerspring


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Environmentally friendly materials, core structured memory foam has been certified by CertiPUR-US for durability, performance, and content. The unique material of the memory foam is soft to the touch, but from the neck to the ankle, it perfectly supports and shapes your body contours.


Inofia King Size Mattress with Memory Foam All Around Mattress

Inofia hybrid mattress is wrapped an extraordinary aggregate of super comfortable bedding materials. The improved design exhibits a streamlined appearance of 25cm parallel collection. Our talented engineers and designers are committed to a solitary goal; evolving new designs and composite materials to meet the developing demands of growing customers.

Each Inofia Hybrid bed possesses a progressive mix of firm to plush materials. The materials layered above each other are undoubtedly invaluable aids to a comfortable sleep. Below is a list of the layers contained in our perfect mattress

More Inofia Spring Mattress Foam Layers

Transition Durable Foam:

The name implies, the transition durable foam serves as a pressure distribution bridge. It supports the three upper layers by providing deep compression support. Additionally, the transition foam adds a subtle measure of bounce to the mattress giving it a reposeful, bouncy feel.

Innovative Barrel-Type Springs with Seven Zones:

Between the transition foam layer and the bottom foam layer lies an arrangement of barrel-type springs. They are arranged in 7 zones for positive technical repercussions. The springs serve the function of stability and friction elimination. They possess a singular point of contact resulting in better compression while eliminating buckling.

Dual Stability Foam Layer:

layer is attached to the bottom of the mattress, and it is the last layer. Its purpose is to create balanced, upright support and stability for the mattress. It is made up of two conjoined foam sheets for better performance.

Each of these layers is original creations of Inofia, directed at satisfying the need for you to experience comfortable, relaxing and hearty sleep. Our products are cost-effective; this means that you get good value and pay less. At Inofia, we take the welfare of our customers to heart. Our crew of friendly, attentive customers’ service personnel will make your interactions with us a memorable one.