Inofia 11.4 Inch Double Hybrid Mattress with Memory Foam

Product Details

  • Inofia Hybrid Mattress with Single, Small Double, Double, King size.

  • Inofia Legendary Mattress is an Intimate choice, with the indulgent comfort of our LegenComfort memory foam and the extraordinary support of innovative 

    pocket coils, The Legendary Collection is the perfect combination 

  • Just for once in your life, you'd like to sleep until you woke up natural with Inofia.

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Ideal Sleeping Companion

🍃6cm LegenComfort memory foam, conforms to the body perfectly

🍃Nine zoned spring system, ideal density to withstand long term use

🍃High density foam, pressure-relieving to give your body the support it needs

🍃Hypoallergenic & anti-mite cozy top cover, air permeability and moisture absorption

Climate Regulating Cover
Our hypoallergenic, anti-mite cover is made of fibers which is immediately releases moisture to give you the ideal sleeping climate. It also created a nice air layer between your body and the mattress for extra breath ability and comfort.
Legendary ComfortMemory Foam
It aids the legendary comfort memory foam to conform to your body so your bones and joints sink into softness instead of feel their own weight against a surface. providing you with more sleep space, as well as absorbing movement from your partner so that you don't roll together. No roll-together for less partner disturbance.
Pocket Coil Technology
Provide greatest durability while delivering pressure relief ,motion separation for less partner disturbance and back support. Unique Zoned Coil Support adapts and supports each unique body greatly. Adapts to anybody for the perfect level of support.

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