Inofia 22 CM Double Gel Memory Foam Mattress for Side Sleeper


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Inofia memory foam mattress is designed with a cooling gel memory foam that provides support and helps to dissipate body heat. The intermediate layer uses engineered viscoelastic foam to distribute pressure optimally.

22 CM Memory Foam Mattress In Box

Inofia double gel memory foam mattress is a 22 cm long mass of vertically layered responsive foams. It is embellished with materials of extra comfortable, supportive, and relaxing qualities.

The irresistible pleasance derived from Inofia double gel memory foam mattress is courtesy of the four composite layers. They work in synchronization to produce an impressive degree of sleep-derived satisfaction. The layers include; an elastic breathable top cover, a gel infused memory foam, visco-elastic memory foam, and a support high-density foam.

Health-wise, Inofia double gel memory foam mattress excels as the entirety of materials employed in production are entirely safe and wholesome. Although the mattress may produce a "fresh foam" odor, it is completely harmless and disappears after a few days of use.

Details on the various layer contained in the memory mattress are discussed below

More Foam Layers

Visco-Elastic Memory Foam:

Visco-Elastic Memory Foam serves as a bridge between the gel-infused memory foam and the support high-density foam. Its high viscosity and elastic characteristics help it to process an even distribution of pressure along with the entire mattress. It resists deformation linearly with time, thereby giving the mattress a firm quality.

Support High Density Foam:

The high density ensure that most of the weight on the mattress is received. It is a firm layer that gives the mattress its inherent stability and disturbance of damping capacity. This layer is made of dense materials and provides a counter pressure to balance the weight propagating from above.

Support High-Density Foam also helps to keep the spine aligned. It provides a considerable amount of pressure relief.

We Promise

Each product supplied by Inofia is undoubtedly free of risk. Our confidence in the authenticity of our products is demonstrated in several ways;

100-day trial:

Double Gel Memory Foam Mattress comes with a risk-free 100day trial.

Hassle-free Return:

Administer a hassle-free return policy to facilitate easy return of non-satisfactory products. Refunds are duly implemented.

10-year Warranty:

Double Gel Memory Foam Mattress comes with a ten-year limited warranty.

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You are sure of getting free delivery of each Inofia Double Gel Memory Foam Mattress purchased.