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Inofia King Hybrid Mattress with CertiPUR -US Memory Foam
Inofia King Hybrid Mattress with CertiPUR -US Memory FoamInofia King Hybrid Mattress with CertiPUR -US Memory FoamInofia King Hybrid Mattress with CertiPUR -US Memory FoamInofia King Hybrid Mattress with CertiPUR -US Memory FoamInofia King Hybrid Mattress with CertiPUR -US Memory FoamInofia King Hybrid Mattress with CertiPUR -US Memory Foam
  • Pressure Free + Spring Powered

  • Inofia mattress is constructed with barrel spring and a removable outer cover that provides ultimate support, and pressure relief helps back

  • pain and toss the opposite side. It moves independently to prevent the movement of movement between partners, thus maintaining a rest all night.


Product Description

Inofia Hybrid Mattress is a lush mass of super cozy luxury foams and standard barrel-type springs. Our many years of research and experience have yielded an unbeatable design of Firm and plush beds. From left to right, each mattress advances with a subtle blend of carefully selected composite materials. A technical layer of materials is placed at vertical per of the mattress. The sophisticated nature of our hybrid mattress is resultant of our effort to give you a pleasant sleeping experience to make memories with.

7-zone System with Barrel Spring

7-zone barrel-type pocket spring mattress with ergonomically optimal adaptation to the body contours-Whether abdominal or back sleepers - Individually sewn-in barrel pocket springs cause high point elasticity and ergonomics as well as stability. Regardless of the sleeping position.

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  • Cooling-Sleep Surface

    The ultra-soft and luxurious viscose cover wicks awaymoisture and keeps you cool and dry all night for themost comfortable and pleasant sleep possible.

  • Breathable open cell foam

    Open cell foams infused with gel for a cooler nightsleep.

  • Pressure Relief ECO Memory Foam

    A vena foam +memory foam for added comfort andpressure free sleep.


    Featuring temperature management and elevatedcomfort.

  • Supportive springs

    Premium grade steel springs nestled between twolayers of 1-inch stabilizing foam provide a unique coresupport layer.

  • High Density Base

    Creating a sturdy base for the mattress

Safely and quickly set up your new mattress in 4 steps

INOFIA mattress arrives at your doorcompressed in an easy to carry box ,It's so convenient for shipping anosimple setup

The Elegant Collectionmemory Foam Sprung Mattress

Medium-firmness Feel just right withperfect balance of firm , soft , powerfuldurable spring + high density memoryfoam = excellent support

Inofia Comfort Scale - 5 - 6 Comfort

Soft but supportive Memory Foam
Below the Removable Hygienic Cover is The Soft but Supportive Memory Foam. For a long time, we have committedourselves to comprehensive research on the basic physiology of the human body. The memory foam follows a modeltargeted at relaxing the various pressure points in the body. It renders full support to the joints and helps tokeep the entire body aligned and at ease.
Removable Hygienic Cover
The uppermost layer is a thick quilt of soft bed sheet. It can be removed, washed and replaced; a desirable feature that gets rid of body fluids, contaminants, and any form of allergens. The removable cover promotes a cleaner and safer sleep environment necessary for a blissful, warmly night rest.

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