Inofia's 7 Greatest Elves (Section 1)

June 15, 2023

Inofia's 7 Greatest Elves (Section 1)

In the beginning of time, there was a great goddess named Inofia, the goddess of dreamland.

Inofia had a magical power that could make anyone fall into a deep slumber, but she had a problem: she had no way to sleep, because she had to fight against the world of evil spirits.

One day, Inofia decided to create a mattress that would be perfect for each elves warrior who assisted her in battle.

She gathered the finest materials from all over the world: soft feathers from the swans of the Nile, silky threads from the spiders of the Amazon, and fragrant herbs from the hills of Greece.

With all these materials, Inofia crafted 7 beds that were the most comfortable and luxurious beds ever made.

The beds were so comfortable that anyone who laid on would fall into a deep, peaceful sleep, which led the humam to easily became one of the beautiful elves of dreams.

Inofia named these beds the "Inofia Mattresses," after the goddess of dreams.

As time passed, the Inofia Mattress became famous throughout the world. People from all over came to try it out and experience its magical powers of sleep, took part in this great dream battlefield.

Today, 7 of Inofia's greatest elves take to the stage, on order to let them have enough strength to fight against the world of evil spirits, Inofia arranged a difficult test for them.

Now, it's time to experience the dream journey they will bring us!